Life is long if you know how to use it. – SENECA

Give away this 1 thing and you will never be in need

I have given away a bunch of my material possessions. ( I have a long way to go) I have scaled back my wardrobe, cleaned out my closets and continue to give the hurts and wounds of my past over to God so I can not only declutter my home, but my head and heart […]

7 ways I create margin for sustainable living

  I enjoy doing all sorts of things. I love helping people declutter their heads, homes and hearts. I love hiking, spending time with my family, blogging, writing, reading, running, working, planning and social media. I am constantly being asked to do more and more stuff that takes…time. Do you feel there is never enough time to […]

4 questions to minimize your problems ( Guest Post)

   4 questions to minimize your problems ( Guest post from @orgnzdcardigan  )  Hi everyone, my name is Sunray, I´m 35 and I live in Germany. I love cardigans, when everything is in order (although I´m also good at spreading disorder ) and a minimalist lifestyle. On this blog I write about my personal interests in order […]

7 practical tips to minimalism

7 practical tips to minimalism ( Guest post from Chris at ) You hear people talk about it and you read all the blogs. The idea of having less clutter in your life sounds great, but how can you embrace this thing called minimalism? Getting started with intentional living can be an overwhelming task. It’s […]

Beware of the Urge!

Nothing can derail a budget faster than the urge. The urge is that feeling that comes over us to BUY NOW and BUY FAST. Temptation to give in to the urge is everywhere and it’s easy. From “one touch click” on Amazon, the ITunes $1.29 button, and in- app purchases, the urge is constantly bombarding us with the […]

What Jesus has taught me about minimalism

You may not be a person of faith or consider yourself a spiritual person. I want to honor that. The purpose of this blog post is to explain my personal journey with minimalism and share the practical, simple ways I live out my own journey as a minimalism. When it comes to minimalism, the person […]

Minimalism, Unicorns and the lies we tell ourselves

  Minimalism can be deceptive. The pursuit of less can play tricks on us making it easy to ignore areas of our life that we would rather declutter, or discard than address.  We can cut off ties to a relationship and say “We are simplifying our life” instead of sitting down with the person and working through […]